Big Design Market

The biggest and bestest of design, Melbourne hosted the Big Design Market and boy, was it heaven.

Appropriately housed in Melbourne’s Exhibition Building, the event was completely free for patrons and ran for a mere three days – not enough I say.

Splendid showbags, ingenious installations and stunning stalls donned the massive showcase where local artists, sculptures, designers and craftsmen were honoured by my wallet.

IMG_4683 IMG_4685 IMG_4687IMG_4691IMG_4692IMG_4695IMG_4696IMG_4698IMG_4701IMG_4707IMG_4709IMG_4713IMG_4715IMG_4718IMG_4735IMG_4737IMG_4741IMG_4743IMG_4749IMG_4755IMG_4757IMG_4758IMG_4761IMG_4767IMG_4768IMG_4785IMG_4786IMG_4789IMG_4793IMG_4795IMG_4799IMG_4802IMG_4808IMG_4814IMG_4817IMG_4819IMG_4821IMG_4823IMG_4826IMG_4835IMG_4836

29. January 2014 by Eryn
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The Design Files: Open House

The Design Files – Australia’s favourite blog for all things design related held its annual Open House, the third the blog has thrown showcasing the very best in local artwork and design.

The ultimate Australian home, everything displayed was completely for sale from homewares to outdoor settings, it was a design feast for the eyes.

Design greats such as Beci Orpin’s prints Kirra Jamison donned the brightly hued walls and jewellery extraordinaires, Emily Green and the girls behind Dinosaur Designs had bits and bobs hidden in rooms to purchase.

What caught my eye (and heart) were the textiles. From cushion covers to throws, the patterns and textures were enough for me to exceed my credit card limit. And the freshly picked peonies!

But it was the little things that made the Open House so delightful. The stacked books on the coffee tables, the way fruit bowls were placed on the kitchen counter and the scattering of cushions made for the simple, perfect setting for those needing to stay in an always creative space.

IMG_4426IMG_4279 IMG_4280 IMG_4283 IMG_4285 IMG_4288_2 IMG_4292 IMG_4294 IMG_4295 IMG_4297 IMG_4298IMG_4301IMG_4302IMG_4309IMG_4312IMG_4313IMG_4317IMG_4319IMG_4324_2IMG_4327IMG_4330_2IMG_4332IMG_4337IMG_4338_2IMG_4341IMG_4342IMG_4345IMG_4349IMG_4354IMG_4359IMG_4361IMG_4363IMG_4369IMG_4372IMG_4374IMG_4389IMG_4393IMG_4397_2IMG_4399IMG_4402IMG_4409IMG_4412IMG_4413IMG_4417IMG_4423

20. December 2013 by Eryn
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Melbourne Now

Melbourne Now is a cultural celebration exploring the complex landscape of what makes Melbourne unique and exceptionally diverse in the way of art, design and architecture.

A collaborative, cross-disciplinary project based at NGV: International and The Ian Potter Centre, the exhibition presents the best of Melbourne’s visual artists  and creative practitioners. And with more than 175 presentations and installations, and over 300 artists the space offers contemporary art, installations, sculptures to jewellery design workshops and guided studio tours.

Personal favourites were Jenny deVille’s Degustation - a space decorated with sequin-cladded taxidermied animals and the contemporary, colourful art level full of neon, colour clusters and multi-media projects.

Melbourne Now is running from 22 November 2013 – 23 March 2014.

IMG_4263 IMG_4079 IMG_4084 IMG_4093 IMG_4095 IMG_4098 IMG_4110 IMG_4118 IMG_4121 IMG_4123 IMG_4132 IMG_4150_2 IMG_4152 IMG_4159_2IMG_4162_2 IMG_4164 IMG_4166 IMG_4168 IMG_4176 IMG_4179 IMG_4181 IMG_4183 IMG_4184 IMG_4191 IMG_4192 IMG_4201_2 IMG_4209 IMG_4212 IMG_4215_2 IMG_4217 IMG_4220 IMG_4224 IMG_4230 IMG_4240 IMG_4244 IMG_4254 IMG_4258 IMG_4261

14. December 2013 by Eryn
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MSFW: Resort

We Are Handsome // Franks // Seafolly //madeinlove // limedrop // Feathers // Charlie Brown // Wayne Cooper

IMG_3439 IMG_3445 IMG_3447 IMG_3454 IMG_3457 IMG_3459 IMG_3474 IMG_3479 IMG_3482 IMG_3487 IMG_3490 IMG_3492 IMG_3494 IMG_3505 IMG_3516 IMG_3522 IMG_3528 IMG_3532 IMG_3543 IMG_3546 IMG_3553 IMG_3561 IMG_3562 IMG_3571 IMG_3576 IMG_3590 IMG_3597 IMG_3601 IMG_3613 IMG_3617 IMG_3620 IMG_3625 IMG_3632 IMG_3653 IMG_3675


09. September 2013 by Eryn
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MSFW Designer Runway Four

Gorman // Honor Among Thieves // Limedrop // Kuwaii // Kings of Carnaby // Carly Hunter // búl // Alpha 60 // above // Jolet

IMG_3226 IMG_3232 IMG_3233 IMG_3236 IMG_3239 IMG_3240 IMG_3241IMG_3235 IMG_3242 IMG_3244 IMG_3247 IMG_3048 IMG_3055 IMG_3058 IMG_3254 IMG_3259 IMG_3268 IMG_3273 IMG_3277 IMG_3284 IMG_3072 IMG_3291 IMG_3295 IMG_3105 IMG_3119 IMG_3304 IMG_3306 IMG_3308IMG_3316 IMG_3320 IMG_3325 IMG_3328 IMG_3355 IMG_3366IMG_3371 IMG_3377 IMG_3185IMG_3402IMG_3021 IMG_3005 IMG_3222 IMG_3224 IMG_3220IMG_3020

08. September 2013 by Eryn
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The Social Studio: Colour Chameleon


An afternoon of eclectic, bold fashion – The Social Studio in collaboration with some of Melbourne’s most glorious, diverse designers put on a pop-up street showcase coupled with stylised rhythmic music, food trucks and smiles.

The Colour Chameleon project – a collective between The Social Studio and KereKere cafe – commissioned an array of local designers to interpret the concept of the “colour chameleon”, with each designer producing a wonderful exposition of whimsical colours, cheeky prints and fashion flair.

Digitally printed on Social Studio grounds and manufactured to be auctioned off at the Colour Chameleon parade, the limited edition garments were a kaleidoscopic fashion fusion, with each piece paying homage to the distinct characteristics and concept of the chameleon.

In tune with The Social Studio’s ethos of producing sustainable and ethical garments made in Melbourne, the collaborative project was yet another stroke of good karma to come for the chameleon project.

Featuring collaborations with:

Alpha 60 // Búl // Linda Jackson // Ken Done // Obus // Limedrop

IMG_2700 IMG_2740 IMG_2743 IMG_2748 IMG_2756 IMG_2758IMG_2784 IMG_2790 IMG_2796 IMG_2687IMG_2806IMG_2823 IMG_2828 IMG_2851 IMG_2843 IMG_2841IMG_2830 IMG_2873 IMG_2874 IMG_2883IMG_2896 IMG_2902IMG_2921 IMG_2923 IMG_2933IMG_2950 IMG_2959 IMG_2963 IMG_2966 IMG_2976 IMG_2971 IMG_2975

08. September 2013 by Eryn
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MSFW: Designer Runway Three

Akira // Arthur Galan AG // Yeojin Bae // Megan Park // Calibre // Alexi Freeman // nevenka // Thurley // Christine Accessories

IMG_2260IMG_2509 IMG_2344IMG_2385 IMG_2403 IMG_2404 IMG_2405 IMG_2409 IMG_2413 IMG_2515 IMG_2551 IMG_2552 IMG_2569IMG_2416IMG_2583IMG_2604IMG_2449 IMG_2478IMG_2476

07. September 2013 by Eryn
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MSFW: Designer Runway Two

Manning Cartell // Livia Arena // LIFEwithBIRD // tettmann.doust // Alice McCall // Neo Dia // YB J’Aime // Christina Exie

IMG_2067 IMG_2072 IMG_2073 IMG_2082 IMG_2095IMG_1851IMG_1885IMG_1891IMG_1894IMG_1897IMG_2128IMG_2119IMG_1903IMG_1915IMG_2140IMG_2142IMG_2143IMG_1929IMG_1939IMG_2162IMG_1948IMG_1950IMG_1952IMG_1958IMG_1968IMG_1970IMG_1972IMG_1988IMG_1993IMG_2189IMG_2004IMG_2015IMG_2196IMG_2029IMG_2036IMG_2039IMG_2050IMG_2212IMG_2216IMG_2107IMG_2056

06. September 2013 by Eryn
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MSFW: Elwood @ The Hub


Some choice photographs from yesterday’s Elwood show at MSFW’s Hub.











05. September 2013 by Eryn
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The name synonymous with hair and style in Australia, KEVIN.MURPHY is a fixture at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, making the models locks luscious year after year.

This year, MSFW checked in with one of KEVIN.MURPHY’s chief stylists, James Nicholson, to get tips on achieving some of the hot looks for the season.

MSFW blogger Eryn Crowl surrendered her crown to James’ magical touch and came out with two unique looks to try at home; a grunge-girl wave and a chic 60s up-do.


“Much of the work we’re doing this year is ‘90s influenced – going for a more couture punk look,” James explains.

“The first look today is the ‘urban grunge girl’.”

Using a round barrel brush and hair dryer, James separates and waves sections using a downward action.

“It’s about creating movement that doesn’t look too contrived,” James says.

“The trick is not to do sections that are too small.”

He forms a wave around Eryn’s temples, to accentuate her cheekbones, and forms another wave further down, below her shoulders, to break up her long hair.

James works rubbery KEVIN.MURPHY SUPER.GOO through the lengths of Eryn’s hair, giving it a textured, messy finish. The latex-based formula stops the hair from drying stiff, meaning it can be re-tousled or scrunched to keep the locks looking freshly-styled.

“It takes away that frizzy fuzziness,” James says, “It gives it a slight lankness, for a more grungey look.”

Next, James whips out his trusty KEVIN MURPHY needle and thread. He lifts sections of Eryn’s hair from the back of the scalp, holding it together with a single hand on her crown, and tweaking sections until he has a loose, beehive shape.

He weaves the stylist-specific thread in and out, under the created beehive, securing it deftly underneath. The finished look is polished ‘60s mod, with a slight rocker accent.






Words and Photos by the lovely Camille @

05. September 2013 by Eryn
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